Huawei is a manufacturer that can compete with market leaders: Apple and Samsung. Their cameras in telephones are considered to be one of the best in the world, and with the Mate X model they proved that they can introduce technological novelties to the market.

Huawei manufactures many different phone series, with different parameters and directed to different customer groups. The most popular series is the P series, Honor series, Mate series, Y series, Ascend series.

The etymology of the name Huawei (华为): Hua (华) means “Chinese” as well as “excellent”, while wei (为) means “deed”, “action”. In a free translation, Huawei means “Chinese achievement” or “Excellent achievement”.

Huawei is the creator of one of the best custom user interface for Android – EMUI (acronym Emotion UI), which in Honor models has been re-branded to Magic UI. This interface, developed since 2012, extends the possibilities of Android with features not available in the original system.