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We offer top quality Nintendo Switch repairs for Carlisle and surrounding areas at low prices.

All Switch repairs for our customers are conducted at the repair workshop, by a professional handheld technician with comprehensive knowledge.

High grade replacement parts and industry leading techniques are used during all Switch repairs, and full warranties on parts are supplied on each repair as standard.

We can offer high quality Switch repairs for customers across wide choice of issues, such as:

SD Reader problems

A frequently occurring repair, the fragile conductors can become damaged, even during normal use just through constantly swapping out games.

Battery Repair

Batteries can loose their natural ability to hold on to the electrical charge, particularly if the gaming console is being used a lot and constantly charged. Batteries will naturally loose charge over a period of time and will at some point need replacing

Charging Problems

This can be caused by a damaged USB C port, other charging issues include the two chips on the logic board which regularly fail. One charging chip is called PI3USB and the other is M92T36

Orange / Blue Screen

This can be caused through a broken logic board or corrupt software. Literally the LCD screen just shows this colour on the screen and nothing else at all.

Cracked Screen

Smashed, damaged Nintendo Switch screen will need a replacement screen and Digitiser. This is a uncomplicated fix via the screen technicians.

In many cases, Switch repairs for customers are completed within a time period just 5 business days (inclusive of collection and delivery), though this can vary according to the availability of replacement parts.

Before each repair, extensive diagnostic testing is completed to identify the cause of the fault. When all Switch repairs are complete, the hand held consoles are then functionality tested to ensure it is in full working order.

For added peace of mind, extensive warranties are provided with all Switch repairs. This cover the fault diagnosed, as well as all parts fitted during repair. Please note that warranties will be become void if tampering with the handheld console is evident upon an inspection.