Introduction to Fettled Tech

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well after a horrible 2020/21. I've decided to write this post to introduce you to me, my family and Fettled Tech

One of the main reasons for writing this is just recently I have had a couple of customers come to the door who are wary when they arrive and mentioned they were expecting a shop and not a house, and i can completely understand, why should anyone trust some guy in a house with no shop front I could just be blagging it and it not be a real I am hopefully going to reassure you today.

I first got interested in technology from a very early age (about 8 or 9) when my parents bought me a computer which was a commodore 16 (that makes me feel old), which I broke many many times. Now my parents obviously weren't very pleased when i kept breaking my first computer, but I seemed to have the natural gift of being able to fix them.

The idea of being able of fix a computer at such an age enabled me to evolve from being a hobby and then a career. I studied electronic engineering, computing for business and computer science at college and university then went on to follow a career in electronic engineering and information technology.

And before the pandemic began in 2019 I started with the idea of starting up a business which is what you see today. So far Fettle Tech repair has done pretty well, it has a flawless 5 star review rating on Facebook and google and we've just hit 2000+ likes on Facebook

So why do I hear you ask work from home and not a shopfront. Well the answer is simple, I don't need too. I have a workshop at home where I repair all your devices and I make a saving by not renting a shop front which I pass onto my customer.

I have ordered a sign for the front door which will be arriving next week and uniform is coming soon (but I will talk about this more in a future post), but I am very excited about it so watch this space.

So I hope I have reassured you all that I'm not just some back street dodgy dealer. I always backup my work with warranties, aftercare and always put my customers first. I am very competitive and have the same knowledge, skill, experience, tools and resources at my disposal as any high street shop, the only difference being I work from home.

As well as a business owner I am also a husband to my lovely wife Jayne (who some of you may meet when you arrive here), and a dad to two children, oh and did I mention we have a dog, don't worry if you hear her bark when you get here, she's soft as butter but rest assured she is secured behind a gate in the house, and she is the business security who guards all your devices.

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