iPhone 13 Screen Replacement Restrictions

When the iPhone 13 series was first released, 3rd Party repair outlets hit the roof when they were told that face ID would be disabled if a new (even OEM) screen was fitted.

Fortunately Apple promised a software update that will change an iPhone 13 policy that caused Face ID to be non-functional when repairs were made to a broken display, and that update is included in iOS 15.2.

Apple has a microcontroller that pairs the ‌iPhone 13‌ to its display, and when performing a display repair, the microcontroller had to be paired to the display using Apple's tools in earlier versions of iOS. Because independent repair shops do not have access to those tools, they were upset about being unable to easily perform display repairs.

So you can be assured that we are fully equipped to replace your iphone 13 screen or any other screen for that matter in the future

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