It's no secret that we repair Apple products, we have however been quietly repairing Samsung products aswell. These brilliantly constructed smart phones are easily some of the most reliably built this past 5 years. It's true the Galaxy range can take a hammering and some serious abuse before they display any noticeable signs of wear and tear.

We only work on your phones on a clean repair bay, ensuring standard of workmanship.

The most common fault we encounter when repairing this range of phones is the screen replacement. These have a very different design to other manufacturers and will usually require the entire front unit of the phone to be swapped out. This includes the outer bezel, glass digitiser and inner LCD along with a plastic frame that holds everything together.

Some repair techs will be replace only the outer glass, this method is not recommended as it will inevitably leads to chips in the plastic frame, heat marks and other heat related damage to the inner LCD. We prefer to replace the entire front unit; this ensures your phone will look like new after the screen replacement.

In terms of complexity this is a fairly lengthy process to repair a samsung some more than others, and we usually say 48hrs for a samsung repair.  We will advise of a more acurate turnover time when you contact us.